Adventure Tours in Nepal

Bunjee JumpingAdventures in Nepal is world famous for adventure seekers. The beautiful mountainous country Nepal has variety of opportunities for adventure activities. Most exciting adventures and sports activities are packed up with some thrills, some excitements, some amusement and some unique experience in its diverse landscape. Nepal is best destination for adventure like bungee jumping, river rafting, mountain biking, jungle safari, Paragliding, mountain climbing and high altitude trekking and so on.

Paragliding in NepalAdventure activities in Nepal are world-top ranked because here are so many exciting opportunities to enjoy and face the challenges with enough satisfaction. Moreover, the combination of geographical structure and the adventurous sports makes normal and natural which is special characteristics of Nepalese popular adventure activities. The country has diverse landscape and its magical beauty of garden like blossom and the wildlife you see during your adventure trip enrich the insights about this small but surprisingly beautiful country. Everyone feels inexpressible satisfaction after visiting this blessed country. Adventure trips in Nepal are rewarded with unexpected thrills and challenges without any risks.

Being full of adventurous spots and sites in Nepal Real Adventure Nepal offers different levels and varieties of it. Adventures activities are varied according the interest of the visitors. Such fantastic packages for providing thrilling and life memorable adventures, we offer different adventurous Rafting in Nepaltrips to celebrate Nepal-stay with maximum utilization of money and time. Most popular adventures in Nepal are no doubt Mountaineering. Apart from that, River rafting and Bungee jumping are also very popular. Paragliding and Zip Flyer are also remarkably popular for adventure sports. Jungle safari, Exploration trekking, Bird watching, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Canyoning and so many other adventure activities can be performed in Nepal therefore tourists are being attracted day by day.

Adventures in Nepal are very exciting and pleasant. The activities like bird watching, jungle safari, trekking and hiking are full of adventures in safe areas. Most of these activities are suitable for all age groups and average people who are interested and able to perform adventures in desired areas.