Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites

Lumbini Pilgrimage tourTibetan Buddhism is mostly appreciated in Kathmnadu though there are some other small Buddhist school as well as. Nepal is a multi religious country, basically Hindu and Buddhist people are the major resident. Nepal is can be the best Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world to experience the Tibetan Buddhism and other branches as well as. There are thousands of years old Monasteries in the Kathmandu valley and outside as well as. The Buddhist site not just offer a sightseeing tour but offer an experience to it by self like Buddhist meditation, way of living non violence and study Buddhist culture. There are many Gumpa (Tibetan teaching school) and monastery in Kathmadu valley only. The most popular are Swyambhunath, Boudhanath, Lumbini Buddha birtha place and many others. Seeing the devotees even in the early morning to the monasteries and in Sputa can inspire you such as bowing to Buddha. 

Early in the morning they are paying their homage chanting a mantra “OM MANE PADME HUM”. 

Exploring the Buddhist culture you will enjoy the natural beauties of Nepal. The crystal Himalayan view, elephant back safari, naturalist paradise Pokhara are worth visiting place are just in a few hundred kilometers from Kathmandu. The peace loving people and their live hood is much appreciated part of the Nepal holiday

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