Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal

Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal Jungle Safari is an adventure activity through jungle to have wonderfully exciting experience which is possible in assistance with Real Adventure Nepal. Nepal is very attractive destination for adventure activity like paragliding, bird watching, jungle safari, rafting Kayaking, Bungee jumping and many more. Among them, Jungle Safari is very popular in the Jungles of Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Jungle Safari is full of adventures where you can get the chances of seeing large variety of wildlife, birds and natural scenarios of the landscapes.

Jungle Safari in Nepal is life memorable adventure to explore and experienced uniquely diverse climate ant topographical structure including the opportunity of seeing world disappearing animals and birds. Nepal has varied landscape and altitude therefore natural vegetation and natural lives also vary from place to place. Real Adventure Nepal offers jungle safari activities and enjoy with various known and unknown wildlife and birds which are the homes for some of the rare wildlife and birds like One-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodile, wild elephant, leopard, monkey, sloth bear, 4 types of deer and a great number of exotic birds. Most of the jungles are dense which are suitable for these animals to live. All the 14 national parks of Nepal have wider variety of natural lives where Jungle safari is possible.

Rhino NepalChitwan National Park is very popular Jungle Safari area where you can excurse the jungle in tamed elephants or in Jeep too. Jungle Safari adventure also offers the kayaking in the rivers flowing in Jungle area. Quick tours to the nearest villages are also included in Jungle safari package. Bird watching and observing wilderness of these of thick forests gives very impressive feelings about the unique diverse flora and fauna of the Nepal. Butterfly and other wild insects also add soothing experience while you excurse the Jungle.

Jungle Safari in Nepal has been growing popularity due to the pristine forest and animals in these jungles. The vicinity of jungle can be really perceived after wandering in these jungles. Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve, Sukla Phata Wildlife Reserve, Bardia National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve and other forest areas are very popular Jungle safari regions.