Nepal Helicopter Tours

Everest Helicopter tourNepal Helicopter tour gives pleasant experience of heavenly tour in a chartered helicopter in different attractive sites of Nepal. Helicopter Tours are alternatives for adventure views in Natural sites and areas to experience natural beauty and thrillingly adventurous areas of Nepal. Such visitors who cannot trek for long duration over weeks or who are physically deceived in their health get advantaged from these tours in helicopters. Helicopter Tours are of 1 to 3 hours flight from Kathmandu to chosen destination carrying 5crew to give wonderful opportunity of viewing heartland of Himalayas in Nepal in accordance of Real Adventure Nepal.

Helicopter Tours are full of exciting experience which is alternative way of having adventure from north to south and east to west in Nepal. Real Adventure Nepal has organizing helicopter tour with other city tours to get chances of discovering natural scenarios and important religious sites of Nepal. Visitors can have wonderful journey to mountain ranges including Mt. Everest and other mountains, the view of valleys and so many other important sites like Pokhara, Lumbini, Muktinath and Kathmandu Valley itself. Helicopter tours are not so expensive in comparison to other long trekking towards high Himalayas but the tour is enough to have more exciting views of giant mountains and natural landscapes of the Nepal. The scenario from the windows of helicopter seems very impressive and inexpressible in words; everyone are overwhelmed by these scenic flights in helicopter.

Helicopter Tours are conducted with well experienced pilots with full safety and security. Visitors can see the astonishing views of snow covered mountains and peaks, green hills, crystal clear river and lakes and settlements, valleys and terraced fields. The packages for Helicopter Tours in Nepal can be organized as Mt. Everest Heli Tour, Muktinath Darshan Heli Tour, Mt. Kailash Heli Tour, Lumbini Heli Tour, Langtang Valley View Tour and Annapurna Region Heli Tour and many more other adventurous packages.