Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal - Himalayan River Fun

Rafting in Nepal is world famous for adventure activities. Visitors get so many chances of exciting adventures as amateur or professional activities. River Rafting is similar type of extreme adventure sport. Nepal’s rivers are very challenging with technical bounces which make rafting in white water unforgettable thrills. River rafting adventure is one of the top world ranking adventures in Nepal visitors can enjoy according to the level of difficulty and challenges. Rafting in rivers can be organized as family package, in groups and in sports adventure, is have special tour package of Real Adventure Nepal.

River rafting is recently getting popularity among the tourist because of the rivers of Nepal have greater possibilities of its development as sport adventure. Rivers flowing in Nepal are taken as the best trails for white water rafting. Rivers of Nepal like- Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, Marsyangdi, Kali Gandaki, Arun, Tamur, Karnali, Seti, and Sun Koshi rivers are open for rafting and many other river are also being permitted for rafting.  Almost all the rivers flow from high mountains so they have adequate water and speed for Rafting and Kayaking. River rafting can be experienced and adventured singly or can be included with mountaineering, hiking, climbing, biking and many other adventures to offer the visitors.

River Rafting requires specially designed boat made of rubber or fabrics with durable, multi layered inflatable shape. Well structured boats made considering safety and durability can be used of different shape and size and can be moved by oars or paddle. Rafting is being popular after the decade of 1970’s as a leisure sport which was first enjoyed in Europe and recently covering all over the world. River rafting is included in adventure sports.

River rafting in Nepal can be enjoyed in the rivers like Trisuli, Kali Gandaki, Bhotekoshi, Seti, Marshyandi, Sunkoshi etc. is possible with the enrollment with Real Adventure Nepal. These rivers can be accessed easily from Kathmandu. Rafting in these rivers is thrilling adventure where you can enjoy river beach camping, fishing, exploring riverside settlements and swimming too.